Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Star of the Week!!

Last week Andrew came home and told us that he was STAR OF THE WEEK!!! This after he came home last week and told us he had been moved to a new table. When I asked him why he said it was to help the girls to pay attention;) Well, OK then! When we asked him how he got picked, He told us that the teacher had everyone stand up and then if they were wearing black they had to sit down, and so it went until he was the last one standing. (We've since figured out that she chooses them ahead of time, but it sounds like doing it this way, they think it's because they were the last one standing:) Not a bad idea, not so many hurt feelings)He had a poster to fill out about himself. He wanted to do it. It took a lot of self control to let him do it. I SO wanted to just take over and write everything for him, but, I let him do it. He also got to take his favorite book to school to share. He wanted to take his new Star Wars book, but it's a chapter book we're reading with him. He said that if it was a little book, then she would read some of it. So we convinced him to choose his favorite book that he could read on his own. He said that he did get to read some of it to the class. He also got to be the line leader where ever they went so he insisted that we get to school early enough that he could meet his class in the cafeteria and lead them. That wasn't good enough and so on Friday I let him eat at school. He LOVED it! He would eat there everyday if I would let him.

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