Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today the boys experienced the joys of WORMS! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera.Andrew doesn't like to get dirty and he doesn't really like to feel different textures, or even TOUCH anything he's not sure of, so today when we were cleaning out the garage we found a worm that had crawled in during the rain last night. I totally ignored it, knowing it wouldn't entice Andrew at all, and because this is what I'm used to, didn't even think about pointing it out to Ben. Well, Dad pointed it out and Andrew actually got down and examined it. He wouldn't touch it, but he was curious. He then proceeded to ask what worms eat. We told him dirt. So, he decided that the worm needed to go home. She was sad and needed to go home. I told him that was ok and to just pick it up and carry it to the dirt. He proceeded to tell me that he couldn't because the worm was all gooey and that he needed a shovel. Dad showed him where his sand toys were and so off he went to get a shovel so that he could take the worm back to her home. By this point Ben was interested in what was going on and decided to come and investigate. His way of investigating, to touch. He LOVED it. Every time he would touch it, it would wiggle and Ben would laugh. All the time Andrew is trying to scoop it up. Andrew would just about get the worm and Ben would touch it and it would wiggle away. After many attempts and without having to touch it, Andrew succeeded. He moved the worm home. He then proceeded to find dirt for the worm to eat because she was hungry. He was VERY concerned forthe worm, wanting to make sure the worm was home and had enough to eat. Ben, just wanted to touch it and make it wiggle, and then stick his hands in his mouth. YUCK!!! We ran straight to the sink and ended the worm playing.
How different children can be. Yet be the BEST of friends.

P.S. Andrew doesn't like the tops of brocoli and Ben doesn'tlike the bottoms, their solution....Andrew gives the brocolli to Ben to eat all the tops, then takes them back and finishes them off. Works out quite well.


Elizabeth C said...

Fun! I got some great pics of Ethan with his first experience holding worms! Boys and worms go together like PB &J Sandwiches huh? You'll have to have your camera next time huh?

candace said...

That's awesome! Great story :)