Friday, September 12, 2008

Since the last post we've had a lot of fun. Last weekend we went camping with some friends at one of the church sites near here. There was a service project at the camp on Sat and so we went up the night before to get one last night of camping in. Andrew LOVES camping. On the way there he said he wasn't feeling very good and when I asked him if he needed to go home, he informed us that he would feel MUCH better when sleeping in a tent. He sleeps SO good when we're camping, Benjamin, not so much, of course, we don't have a pac-n-play, so he has to sleep on an air mattress, and I wake up every time he moves terrifies he's going to roll off, or something. I think we'll get a pac-n-play before we take another baby camping. Here are a few fun photos of our trip. Bob got their chairs out of the car so that they would have a place to sit, they thought it was fun and were playing musical chairs. Yes, they are sitting in each others chairs. Ben thought it was hillarious! Then they decided to help daddy blow up the air mattresses by making them a trampoline

Here's Andrew with his good friend Trevor. They had a lot of fun roasting marshmallows. Andrew wouldn't eat them, he just thought it was cool to stick them in the fire and make them brown.
Benjamin and Kylie decided they would make soup while the big boys were off helping with the service project. I never made it to the service project and so have no pictures. Bob says he was a really big help taking down the big tents. Andrew said hisfavorite part was riding in the back of the pick up truck. I'm glad he enjoyed the service project. This is something I want to start as a tradition with our family, camping and then helping clean up the camp at the end of the year. Back to Ben and Kylie's soup... I belive there were some rocks and leaves and dirt. YUM!!
This one was just cute, Sunday morning I found Ben in his new favorite place, our shower. He loves to climb in and hide. Andrew tried to get in with him, and he wouldn't let him.


McEwens said...

I bet I know why his fav place is the shower.... those hot wheel cars.. go REALLY fast in there!

Elizabeth C said...

Cute Cute pictures! Did you know that I visit teach Amy? How funny is that? I love your new background very cute.